WyldLife Junior Leader Training and Fellowship

This page is intended for use ONLY by current potential WyldLife Junior Leaders in training for the purpose of passing on important files and documents that are needed.
If you ARE NOT a Current WyldLife Junior Leader or a Potential leader for next year currently in training, then please CLICK HERE.

Current Forms Needed

Below are the forms that need to be submitted at your interview if you have not turned them in already.  Please click on the link and save the form to your desktop.  Please be sure to have the form completed in its entirety, including all signatures, before turning in.  Thanks.
1)  WL Leader Covenant - Please be sure to sign at the bottom of the page.
2)  Leader Application & Background Questionnaire - please be sure to complete both pages with accurate information.  Also on page 2, you will need to write a paragraph about each of the 6 questions and turn in with the application.  PLEASE BE SURE that both you AND your Parent sign and date both sheets of paper in the appropriate spot.
3)  Character References - You will need to print out two copies of this form and send it to two seperate references (e.g. employer, pastor, youth pastor, etc.)  Please do not send to a family member unless this person was a supervisor in a particular role.
**Please have all references returned to the YL office, not to you.  On the reference form, before sending, please fill in your name at the top and the following information underneath the bold line that reads "Confidential":
Name of Young Life Office:  Evansville Young Life  ATTN: Brandon
Address:  413 Edgar St.
City:  Evansville   State: IN   Zip: 47710
4)  Time Management Grid - This form was handed out during one of our meetings.  We would like you to imagine your fall schedule next school year and fill in where your time will be spent each day in a typical week.  For example, Monday through Friday you would box out/ shade in the grid from 7am- 3pm and simply write school in the space.  Please be as accurate and complete as possible to the best of your knowledge.  Be sure to think about how many times you will be working (if you have a job), any extra curricular activites (e.g. practice times, matches/games), time with family, etc.
Also, on the back of the sheet, please tell us what courses you are signed up for next fall quarter, where you work as well as how many hours per week, and any clubs/sports you are involved with.

Other Documents

Here are some things we have gone through so far during the summer.  To download the document, please click on the link below and save it to your computer.

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Phone: 812-457-7631

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